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Police informs: What is the difference between a declaration and a report?

What is the difference between a declaration and a report?

If you make a report, you only inform the police of the situation.
When you file a declaration, you request criminal prosecution. A criminal offense has been committed and you want something done about it.

Are you a witness to a suspicious situation? Do you see suspicious behavior or a criminal offense happening? Is immediate help needed? Report it to the police. The police assesses the options for taking action.

Where do I report what?
You can make a report via telephone number +599 717 8000, +599 715 8000 and at the desk of a police station. Of course you can also report this via the agent on the street. Would you rather remain anonymous? Then use the telephone number+599 717 7251.

How do I file a declaration?
A declaration can be filed by telephone via +599 717 8000 or +599 715 8000, by e-mail via  or at the police station. In case of a declaration by telephone or by e-mail, an appointment is made to sign the declaration for further processing. Only declarations will be prosecuted.

Call 911 in case of emergency or immediately when life-threatening situations emerge. Also when you report suspicious behavior or witness a crime. Or for example after a traffic accident, in a fire or when someone breaks in. Then every second counts.

Who can I call?
911 (rush or red-handed)
+599 717 8000 or +599 715 8000 (no emergency, but police)
+599 717 7251 (anonymous tip line)


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