Saturday , June 3 2023

The Caribbean Netherlands received more than $ 47 million in COVID-19 emergency packages

From spring 2020, entrepreneurs in the Caribbean Netherlands will receive emergency support packages to survive in covid time. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published the amount of the allowances for wage costs and fixed costs in 2020 on Bonaire, Saba, and St. Eustatius. “The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the National Service of the Caribbean Netherlands are interested in the amount and characteristics of users of the allowance,” according to Statistics Netherlands. 

Statistics Netherlands uses various sources for this. The figures are based on the collected wage statements, the general business register and a register of users of the Emergency Package Covid Caribbean Netherlands. In total, entrepreneurs on the BES islands – who are eligible for the financial support – received more than 47 million dollars in 2020. 


According to CBS, Saba has 220 companies. Of these, 120 companies received a total of nearly USD 2.5 million in allowances for fixed costs and/or wage costs. Catering establishments received the most allowances for fixed costs. But the construction sector received most of the money for wage costs.

St. Eustatius

On St. Eustatius, 170 of the 360 ​​companies received allowances. In total, the entrepreneurs on the island received 3.6 million dollars. On St. Eustatius, too, this money went mainly to the catering industry. 


According to the researchers, there are a total of 2,380 companies on Bonaire. 1,280 of them received allowances for fixed costs and/or wage costs. In total, this amounted to more than $ 41 million. Catering companies in particular received a lot of financial support.


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