Tuesday , February 27 2024

Diver missing off coast of Saba since Monday – Updated

The Daily Herald reports that a diver has gone missing off the coast of Saba since Monday, No­vember 15. It concerns a 70-year-old woman from the United States who was visiting Saba as a tourist.

The Police Force Carib­bean Netherlands KPCN received notice of a miss­ing diver on Monday. “At Fort Bay we were informed that a group of divers and a divemaster went diving at 11:05 am and returned at 12:00 pm. When they returned, they realized that they were missing a diver,” said KPCN commu­nication advisor Miluska Hansen on Wednesday, November 17.

The police searched the area where the woman went missing by air and boat. Several vessels in the vicinity also helped with the search. Later, members of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard substation in St. Maarten took over the search.

The search and investiga­tion are still ongoing, the police said.

The Daily Herald.


Message from Chad Nutall – Sea Saba

Sea Saba communicates that the missing diver was not land-based, had never been ashore on Saba and was not a guest of Sea Saba.

Chad Nutall – Sea Saba

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  1. Curious to know how the police searched the sea. Do they have a boat now?

  2. Wait, Wait a minute. Something is not adding up here.

    The team leader (Dive master) waited until they return to realize a diver was missing? Return where? Top side back on the boat or back on the pier?

    Isn’t there a protocol in place that stipulates once the boat reaches the dive point, a tally is taken that indicates how many divers and diver masters goes in the water and this tally is taken again at top side on the boat, before the boat leaves this particular dive point.

    This is done for every dive point. I’m I missing something?

  3. Didn’t realize they were missing a person until they returned??? this is negligence by the dive operators and they should be held accountable… RIP to this poor woman

  4. RIP to the unfortunate lady and the dive company.

  5. Returned to the boat, I believe—not returned to shore

  6. So sad she passed This occured on the live aboard Explorer not Sea Saba .Sea Saba did send search boats out to assist .