Thursday , February 29 2024

Hidde & Claire Verbeke bid farewell to Queens Gardens Resort

On their Facebook page, Hidde & Clair Verbeke announced that the time has come to bid a fond farewell to Queen’s Gardens Resort.
Hidde & Claire Verbeke, managers Queens Gardens Resort, Saba
They wrote: “We will always cherish the memories of our 15 years spent on Saba and consider it a privilege to have operated a hospitality business where guests from all over the world became friends, and our wonderful staff became family. We want to thank all our guests for placing their trust in us to help create a memorable vacation experience. Whether it was a milestone birthday, an anniversary celebration, a marriage proposal, or the simple pleasure of a well-earned holiday, it was an honor to be a small part of the occasion.”
They want to introduce the new management team – Carlos & Tanya van der Linden. We wish them much success and know that they look forward to welcoming you to Saba and Queen’s Gardens Resort.
So long, Tot ziens, Hasta luego, Au revoir, Ayo!!
Hidde and Claire Verbeke
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