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Another record for Sea to Scenery – updated

Yet again, a very successful edition of the Sea to Scenery race was held on Saba on Saturday, December 4. As customary, the day after Saba Day, a group of sport enthusiasts in for a challenge participated in a race from sea level to the highest top of the Dutch Kingdom at 887meter.
A fantastic Sea to Scenery event, made possible by all the participants and volunteers. Thanks for Kai Wulf Photography for the shot.
The popularity of the Sea to Scenery, organized by the Saba Triathlon Foundation and sponsored by Chez Bubba, keeps increasing. During this 6th edition, the group was larger than ever with 56 participants. After Island Secretary Tim Muller gave the traditional start signal by blowing on his conch, the runners left the seaside at Cove Bay, went up the Airport Road, through Hell’s Gate, English Quarter and the Windwardside, to the start of the stairs of Mt. Scenery with its 1,064 steps, covering a total 6.2 kilometers almost all uphill.
The top three in the male section were: Alwin Hylkema (52 minutes, 10 seconds), Peter Johnson (52.42), and Jochem Batstra (53.03). The fastest in the female category were: Hester van Halen (1 hour, 14 minutes, 21 seconds), Quirine Hakkaart (1.16.18), and Sue Skibinski (1.17.19). Once all participants had reached the top, the athletes walked back to the Windwardside for a refreshment and snack at Chez Bubba.
Organizers Peter Johnson and Jochem Batstra look back at the very successful event. “ We are really amazed at the turnout for the event. We are beyond happy about the commitment to fitness by the people of Saba since the pandemic. Let’s keep on going uphill together,” they said. The organizers thanked all volunteers, as well as the Saba Red Cross and Saba Splash Water. “ It was only possible with the support of our volunteers.” The organizers said they looked forward to the next event, the Saba Triathlon on January 22, 2022.
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